Your perfect security team

When you choose ADT and SecureNow, rest assured you are in good hands. 

ADT is the Number 1 security company in North America, and will help protect your home and family, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

SecureNow is an Canadian ADT Authoried Dealer, and is responsible for bringing new customers to the ADT family. When you sign up through us, you become an ADT customer.

So why ADT and why SecureNow? Click on the links below to see why we are the right team for your security needs:

10 Reasons to Choose ADT

10 Reasons to Choose SecureNow

True Stories

"I'm holding on. I'm nine months pregnant with my third baby and my water just broke!"

Read some true life stories of ADT customers that ended happily for them.

The ADT Advantage

With ADT, you are not purchasing just any security system, you are investing in peace of mind. ADT's multiple layers of protection keep you covered for any eventuality. For details, click here.